You can count on the Global Homestay Network (GHN) to arrange safe, comfortable and welcoming homestay accommodation for your clients. Our team has decades of experience and over time, our group has become the largest and most-recognised homestay organisation for international students.

Whether you need high-quality homestay for younger students, over 18s or study tour groups – GHN has a solution for you. Please see our Programs page for information about our homestay services and comprehensive study tour packages.

The best homestay program in the world

  • Sophisticated host/student matching process
  • Professional 24/7 emergency support and critical incident strategy
  • Extensive background checks for hosts
  • Automated online payment services for students and hosts
  • Range of products catering to different needs and budgets
  • Local managers in all our operating regions
  • Comprehensive policies outlining expectations and responsibilities of the student, host family and homestay provider

Agent benefits

  1. Extend your global brand, reputation and network
  2. Fair and competitive commission rate paid quarterly
  3. GHN has established partnerships across the ELICOS, vocational and higher education sectors including top ranking universities
  4. Meet market demand for quality homestay
  5. Secure online portal (with Google Translate capabilities) for registering, tracking and monitoring all placements
  6. Fewer incidents with increased GHN staff support onshore
  7. Ensure international students achieve a better ‘international student experience’
  8. Provide students with appropriate support and accommodation in an approved homestay environment
  9. Partner with the market leader in homestay standards
  10. Dedicated Global Study Tours team

Want to learn more?

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